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  • The Great Wildebeests Migration

    Africa evokes hundreds of impressions, the untamed continent reveling in its mesmerism and mystique. Wild, rugged, untouched; each adjective has a tingling allure yet can be tinged by the negative, Africa's undeserving stereotypes often off-putting to the first time visitor. Will it be safe? Will it be comfortable? Can it be luxurious? Most return from African safari inspired, the experience blending perpetual surprise with an encompassing and sophisticated quality. The inimitability of an untrammeled big game landscape is elevated by the rest of the safari experience.

    October 20, 2015 0 comments 4832 views
  • A memorable visit to the Amboseli!

    Safari has always been the mainstay of the continent's tourism and it remains a core part of some countries' economies. It's not a new concept. Safari tourism has developed over many decades, flourishing into a sophisticated and well-developed industry that comes as a surprise to many visitors. The logistics of organizing amenities in the wilderness necessitate ingenious solutions and not cutting corners. Erecting a camp in the heart of lion country is not easy. The rewards for making it happen are endless. African safari accommodation permeates an unexpected quality.

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  • Up and Close with the Cheetah

    Safari quickly leaves impressions on a micro level, individual moment providing the resonant snapshots of life in the wild. But safari is also about balance. Take the Masai mara as an example; it's bigger than the most European Countries, but there are other game reserves in Kenya that are four times that size. It's actually spread across five African nations. Such scale is perpetually inspiring, both conceptually and during the safari. For example, seeing a few elephants is always memorable. Driving for a day and witnessing thousands upon thousands of elephants is a new experience entirely.

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